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New! - Toolkit Builder

Do you need tools or equipment for your classroom to complete the physical build of our virtual applications? We now have a handy toolkit builder to help you select what you need.

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Testing Equipment

Equipment to aid with testing physical models

Structures and Materials Tester
Structures and Materials Tester

The perfect device to test Structures 2.0 bridge designs! Equipped with load and displacement sensors, the tester can record the maximum bre...

$1,130.00 each

LabQuest™ Mini
LabQuest™ Mini

An affordable and powerful solution for data collection in the classroom. Students of all ages and experience levels will be able to collect...

$168.00 each

Logger Pro® 3
Logger Pro® 3

This award-winning software is the ultimate in data-collection software! Collect, graph, analyze, and print your data all with the same easy...

$295.12 each