Flinn Digital Pocket Thermometer, Economy Choice AP6049

No more worries about broken thermometers or spilled mercury! Now you can get a safer alternative that won’t bust your budget—the Flinn digital pocket thermometer! Our new digital thermometer is compact, waterproof and easy to use. The shorter length (4¾") probe and lightweight (36 g) design allows you to take temperatures in test tubes, flasks or even small beakers with little chance of tipping them over. Features include an on/off switch, ºC/ºF button, data hold button, 0.7-second sampling rate and automatic shutoff after 10 minutes. Stainless steel probe fits in its own plastic case with a pocket clip. 8" overall length. Uses one 1.5-volt battery, included.

Temperature Range: –50 to 150 ºC / –58 to 300 ºF 
Resolution: 0.1 ºC / 0.2 ºF 
Accuracy: ±1 ºC / ±2 ºF

$29.95 each