Competition Glider (25 Students) WFL-K1

The Tech Glider Class Pack is for 25 Students.

This class pack has everything needed to build a glider that complies with the Flight Challenge National Catapult Glider Competition. Includes specially-weighted, correctly-sized balsa blanks (for wings, fuselage, tail assemblies, and “Shark’s Tooth”), clay ballast material for nose, Build and Test instructions, and graph paper, for 25 students.

Coupled with our Gliders 2.0 STEM Software Application (sold separately), students can first design, analyze, and simulate (test) their designs, over and over again. Then, after thoroughly testing (simulating) their gliders virtually, they can output print templates to scale in order to build their physical models. Following this complete Integrated-STEM Engineering process, students will learn important STEM principles including the Four Forces of Flight, Newton’s Laws, and Center of Gravity, among many others...

(STEM Software sold separately – please contact for lab license pricing information).

Assumed Materials on hand:  Build board (foam board or styrofoam), glue (wood or preferably CA), wax paper, masking tape, sandpaper.  Assumed Tools on hand:  Scissors, hobby knife, cutting board, straight pins.


$85.00 each