Machine Racer: RALLY (Pre-Drilled Rails) WMT-R6

The MACHINE RACER: RALLY kit is one of the fastest mousetrap cars, and great for first time builders.

The WMT-R6 MACHINE RACER: RALLY comes with balsa rails with pre-drilled axle holes.  If you would like your balsa rails without pre-drilled holes (in order to pursue mechanical advantage), then please select the WMT-R5 for your shopping cart instead (a drill press is required for the WMT-R5).

For best results, students can also "Connect the Virtual to the Physical" by first engineering, analyzing, and simulating their designs with our standards-based, cloud-based, Mousetrap Car 2.0 STEM Software ApplicationAfter thoroughly testing their mousetrap cars virtually, they can output print templates to scale, in order to build their physical models. Following this complete Integrated-STEM Engineering Design Process, students will learn important STEM concepts including simple machines, power, potential and kinetic energy, mechanical advantage, and Newton's Laws, among many others...  (STEM Software sold separately – please contact for lab license pricing information).

Assumed Items on Hand:  Safety glasses, a hobby saw (or hobby knife), tube cutter, diagonal cutters, pliers, wood clamps, ruler, and glue (sold separately).


$16.00 each