Machine Racer: RALLY, 25-Pack, Pre-Drilled Holes WMT-R6-25

The MACHINE RACER: RALLY kit is one of the fastest mousetrap cars, and great for first time builders.

The WMT-R6-25 includes 25 MACHINE RACER: RALLY kits.  The R6 includes balsa rails with pre-drilled axle holes.  If you would like your balsa rails without pre-drilled holes (in order to pursue mechanical advantage), then please select the WMT-R5 for your shopping cart instead (a drill press is required for the WMT-R5).

For best results, students can also "Connect the Virtual to the Physical" by first engineering, analyzing, and simulating their designs with our standards-based, cloud-based, Mousetrap Car 2.0 STEM Software Application.  After thoroughly testing their mousetrap cars virtually, they can output print templates to scale, in order to build their physical models. Following this complete Integrated-STEM Engineering Design Process, students will learn important STEM concepts including simple machines, power, potential and kinetic energy, mechanical advantage, and Newton's Laws, among many others...  (STEM Software sold separately – please contact for lab license pricing information).

Assumed Items on Hand:  Safety glasses, a hobby saw (or hobby knife), tube cutter, diagonal cutters, pliers, wood clamps, ruler, and glue (sold separately).

$225.00 each