Rover 2.0 Kit WRV-K1

A WhiteBox Learning® Exclusive Item.

A great hands-on Robotics (Autonomous Rover) activity for grades 6-12. Students can also "Connect the Virtual to the Physical®" by first engineering, PROGRAMMING, analyzing, and simulating their designs with our standards-based, cloud-based, Rover 2.0 STEM Software Application. After thoroughly simulating their Rovers virtually, students can build their physical models to scale. Following this complete 3D STEM Engineering Design Process, students will learn important STEM concepts including Robotics, Electronic Circuits, Computer Programming, and Mechatronics, among many others... (STEM Software sold separately – please contact for lab license pricing information).

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend building Rovers in teams of 2-4 students.  And, you can disassemble the Rovers at the end of each term, so most or all of the parts are reusable for consecutive terms throughout the year and beyond. In future terms/years, simply purchase any replacement parts you may need.

The Rover 2.0 Kit includes all the parts necessary to build one Autonomous Rover:  Micro Controller, Dual Motor Controller, 2 DC Motors, 2 Rubber Wheels, Ball Caster, Breadboard, Switch, LED, 560-Ohm Resistor, 10-Ohm Resistor, 11 M/M Test Leads, 8 M/F Test Leads, Micro USB Cable, 3 Clip Leads, 2 Battery Holders, 2 8" Wire Ties, 4" Wire Tie, Velcro Dots, 4 AA Batteries.

NOTE:  The box the Rover Kit comes in can also serve as chassis material.  Simply cut along the outline on the top of the box.

Assumed items/tools on hand:

Foamboard (if you are not using the kit container for your chassis material), Heavy Duty Scissors, Wire Cutter, Wire Striper (18 AWG), 1-Hole Punch, Straight Blade Screw Driver (small), Ruler, Needle Nose Pliers, Hot Glue Gun, Millimeter.


$132.00 each

Bulk pricing discount:

10+ $117.22