Watch your students design their future with WhiteBox Learning.

Experience the Engineering Design process like never before.

For grades 6-12, in-class or supplemental

WhiteBox Learning offers 12 innovative projects that teach a variety of concepts for students to design, build, refine, and then compete with other students from across their district and beyond. From exploring the concepts of solar power to building a survival shelter to engineering a prosthetic limb and designing a drone, WhiteBox Learning engages your students in real world engineering processes.

Design, build, test, analyze, refine, repeat

WhiteBox Learning lets students test their theories, then develop and refine their designs. Using innovative virtual 3D modeling and analysis, students can see their designs in action, observe flaws and improve their design through unlimited iterations.

Teachers love WhiteBox Learning for its intuitive and complete control system where they can manage and monitor classrooms. Teachers have real-time classroom and student level data mining tools to manage results.

It's not all virtual

After students study requirements and design their own idea, WhiteBox Learning’s companion kits allow students to build and test their model in the real world. We offer 3D printers to let them make their designs come alive.

Competition is part of the fun

WhiteBox Nationals lets students compete their best design against the best designs of other students from across the country. To allow all ages and levels to compete, students can progress through five increasingly challenging levels of competition. Each level has its own design challenge for students to complete and achieve their best performance. Click here to learn more.

Teachers Guide the Process

WhiteBox Learning features a built-in learning management system that allows you to manage and monitor multiple classrooms or groups of students with real-time data analytics. You can see where your students are in their development, the number of iterations and completed designs and the results that allow you to provide additional instruction on key concepts and process.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to see for yourself, explore the design process or check out the teacher control center? Sign up for a free trial and build and fly your own drone or design a dragster!

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