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WhiteBox Learning is a complete Standards-Based STEM Learning System for Engineering, Science, and Technology Education classrooms, grades 6-12. Completely web-based, students can design, analyze, and simulate their designs, hundreds of times, from a web browser, and compete with other students throughout their district. Fully-Integrated Teacher LMS is included.

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ENGINEER, THEN BUILD: For each STEM Application we also sell companion kits, so you can build and test your virtual design in reality. We also carry bulk parts and even 3D printers for all of your physical model making needs.

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A standards-based, cloud-based virtual modeling STEM application that guides students through an engaging, realistic drone development process capped by a very cool online competition.

WhiteBox Nationals is Here!

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Students engage in 5 levels of competition with this exciting new game-mode setting in selected WhiteBox Learning applications. Learn More

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Flinn Scientific is committed to bringing the most advanced technology to the STEM classroom while strengthening our impact on career and technology education (CTE); this acquisition helps us achieve those goals.