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A standards-based, cloud-based virtual modeling STEM application that guides students through an engaging, realistic drone development process capped by a very cool Virtual Race -- all before building their actual drones.

A 3-D model is literally developed in minutes! The simplicity of the modeling process puts focus where it belongs - learning the critically important science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) that lives just below the surface. And it's completely web-based ... how cool is that? Then, "connecting the virtual to the physical,” students can build their actual drones.

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How it Works

What's the secret to well-functioning drones? It’s not magic or luck... In this section, your students will find all the research theory they need, as well as plenty of activities and tools to put it to action. The tutorials will ensure that they are well prepared for the remaining sections.
Engineers know their science -- that's for sure. But they also have great tools to help them visualize their design in 3D. In this section, your students will use our custom, built-in CAD system to create 3D models on screen and quickly choose between various propellers, motors and batteries.
In the Analysis section, students work with a number of built-in tools to see how well their designs stand up to the scientific principles explored in the Research section. Creating the models is fun and exciting, but won’t mean much if not supported by science.
Ready for some fun? In the Virtual Race, your students race their drone against their classmates -- virtually.
When your students have completed their design, they'll need an STL file to 3D print their custom frame (optional). These files, along with Design Specification and Bill of Material reports, can all be found in the Outputs section.
Now that we've conquered the virtual world, it's time to build and test a real drone. In this section, your students find instructions and tips to build a quality design.


Teacher-Directed Curriculum
The learning system puts teachers in control. Teachers can adjust the content level to meet the varied learning needs of Middle and High School students. Achievement and performance reports help teachers guide student learning.
Standards-based, STEM Knowledge
The application encompasses a high quality standards-based curriculum that enhances the development of fundamental science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) knowledge.
Comprehensive Suite of Tools
The system contains a fully integrated suite of CAD, analysis, and content delivery tools - all within a common, easy-to-use interface.
Time, Focus, and Confidence
Students have time to focus on making theory actionable. This enables learning, and ultimately yields confidence.
Exciting Web 2.0 Interface
Because the system is web-based, it's accessible from anywhere. It's also built with the most advanced web-based tools available. This provides teachers with the flexibility they deserve, and students with the "wow factor" they expect.

System Requirements

Drone is a web-based product. All modern browsers are supported, including:

  • Microsoft Edge: version 18 and higher
  • Google Chrome: version 61 and higher
  • Firefox: version 60 and higher
  • Safari: version 12.1 and higher

The application may still work in older browser versions but support for those is not guaranteed.

We recommend using a computer with a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 720. We do not recommend iPads as screen size can be issue when sketching and displaying 3d models.