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WhiteBox Learning is standards-based STEM (Engineering) Learning System for science and pre-engineering classes, grades 6-12. WhiteBox’s activity-based, problem-based STEM Applications allow students to research, design, analyze, simulate, and compete with fellow classmates around the “world”, 24/7, all virtually, from any browser. Then, students can output templates to build their designs as a hands-on activity and/or with the use of a 3D printer, thereby “connecting the virtual to the physical”® and completing the full engineering process.

The WhiteBox STEM Software Applications include Gliders 2.0 (Aeronautics), Green Car 2.0 (Renewable Engineering), Structures 2.0 (Statics), Dragster 2.0 (Newton's Laws), Rockets 2.0 (Rocketry and Ballistics), Mousetrap Car 2.0 (Simple Machines), Prosthetics 2.0 (Bio-Physics), Rover 2.0 (Robotics and Mechatronics), Shelter 2.0 (Conductive Heat Flow), and KidWind 2.0 (Wind Turbines). The Learning System includes a fully-integrated, web-based graphically displayed teacher dashboard that ensures students are “moving beyond trial and error”, by reporting in real-time, the links between the students’ STEM content knowledge and their knowledge application. Measuring and Monitoring tools include student time-on-task, quiz scores, number of design iterations, and design performance. The Curriculum also includes Daily Implementation Pacing Guides and Student Accountability Measures.


Wm. Graham Baughman - Chief Executive Officer
Watch an introductory video from Mr. Baughman.
Tom Robertson - Founder and Chairman
William Deluca, Ed.D - Chief Academic Officer
Dr. DeLuca is also an Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education at North Carolina State University.
Jody Mickey
Manager of Technical Support and Learning System Development
Michelle Shafer
Manager of Training

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