Clever Integration


WhiteBox Learning supports logging in and syncing your classroom rosters via Clever.

Currently we only support "Library Accounts", which are teacher-managed Clever accounts.

Getting Started

If you are new to WhiteBox Learning and do not already have an account, you can find us in the Clever Library. When adding WhiteBox Learning to your Clever account for the first time, you are automatically enrolled in a free trial.

If you already have a WhiteBox Learning account, you can link your Clever account and merge your existing classrooms.

When you log in with Clever for the first time, you'll be prompted to choose which classrooms you want to sync. You can also add or remove classrooms from the classroom manage tool in the Teacher Control Center. Changes to your classroom rosters will be synced automatically each time you log in with Clever.

Student Logins

Once you have imported and synced your Clever rosters, any students in those classrooms can login from their Clever classroom page, or by clicking the "Log in with Clever" button on our log in page.

Students from your Clever roster should only use these two methods for logging in - they should not try to log in by entering their student id and group id on the traditional login form.

Teacher Logins

Teachers can log in the same way as students, and can also login directly using your email address and password on the "Teacher Login" form on our log in page. However, your Clever roster will not be synced when using the teacher login form.

Troubleshooting and More

For more information, and help with common issues, please consult our Clever Integration F.A.Q.