We are pleased to offer a toolkit builder form to assist you in purchasing required tools for building WhiteBox Learning kits. Rather than searching the store inventory for tools individually, you can use one of the toolkit builders listed below to add our recommended items and quantities to your cart for easy checkout. Each toolkit suggests tools for a certain number of students, which is listed in the toolkit directions. You can exclude individual tools (in case you already have them) or change quantities at your discretion.

To get started, click one of the toolkit builders below to see the form.

Dragster Classroom Equipment

These tools are used to help in construction of the Dragster 2.0 physical model activity. A drill press is used to drill straight holes in the body for the axle, and a scroll saw is used to cut away waste material from the blank. One of each is usually sufficient for a whole classroom.

Rockets Classroom Equipment

Equipment needed to launch Water Rockets built with the Rockets 2.0 application.

Students Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to supply groups of students with the necessary tools required to build the physical models for many WhiteBox Learning applications.